Our exceptional toffee is handmade. A simple recipe with the main ingredients consisting of pure butter, sugar, and almonds is mixed and cooked by hand to precisely the same consistency and temperature each time. We use only the finest Blue Diamond Almonds ®, and the richest chocolate from the Guittard Chocolate Company ®.

Every batch we make is individually tended - start to finish. Spreading this delightful mixture to just the right thickness is a skill that requires a lot of learning and patience. Care must be taken not to spread the hot toffee too thick or too thin. The toffee layer has to be the same "easy munching" thickness throughout. Timing is crucial, as the batches cool quickly and must be hand stretched just a bit further after cooling down.

After being stretched and cooled just a bit more, the toffee is cut into rectangles about 12" X 8" and then moved to our coating station where chocolate is poured onto the toffee and is then spread from edge to edge, carefully making sure that the melting chocolate is at just the right thickness all around.

After each piece is chocolate covered on one side, a very generous dusting of toasted diced almonds is applied. We then repeat the procedure on the second side with the same special attention to detail as on the first. The toffee is then moved into our cooling room to cure for 24 hours and then moved to our packaging area and carefully packaged in 1 pound bags, then laid into 1, 2, 3, and 5 pound containers (click here to see our packages). Immediately after packaging, orders are filled and shipped directly to you and yours around the world.

We offer 6 flavors of toffee: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white vanilla, plain, mint/dark and green mint.

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