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Product FAQs

Special Health Information
All products:
Are 100% gluten free.
Are 100% soy free.
Contain no Trans Fats
Are made with pure cane sugar. No Corn Syrup is used.

Do you have any "sugar free" products?
Yes! We offer Milk or Dark chocolate coated Sugar Free Toffee. We have found that using Maltitol crystals makes a delicious toffee with a nice crunch and no aftertaste.

Do you have toffee without nuts?
Yes! You may order Milk, Dark, White or Plain (uncoated) Toffee with or without almonds.

What is the shelf life of your products?
          Product                       Shelf Life
     Toffees                             8 Months
     Celtic Candies (all flavors)        2 Months
     Baking Mix/Ice Cream Topping        8 Months

How should your products be stored?
Chocolate is best stored in a dark location at between 60 and 70 degrees F. Chocolate may discolor (get white spots) if refridgerated but will otherwise not be harmed. The toffee on the inside however will become soft and sticky if refridgerated. It is best to store our products in a cupboard at room temperature as long as the temperature stays below 85 degrees F.

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